Monday, 7 July 2014

Home Birth.

Posted by Gemma Roberts at 15:35:00

I'm trying something different this time around, I'm going to, all being well, deliver the new addition at home.

I'm really excited about it, although I am a little nervous as I am completely unknowing of what to expect. At first I had attached a home birth with a water birth, this was the original plan. Having a pool set up in the lounge was how I saw myself labouring at home. After talking with my midwife that view changed. Apparently it's not overly common for home births to include water, outside of the bath. The more I read, the more I realised it wasn't unusual to have a home birth without a pool. When I looked at getting a pool the cost put me off as well, it turns out they can be pretty expensive, did I really want to spend all that money only to not want to use it on the big day?

So all this being said I am going to have my home birth- minus the pool.

There is always the fear that something might go wrong, I don't think this feeling will completely go away until she is here. I have asked a lot of questions of midwife and been completely reassured that if they get any sense of anything but normal I will be in hospital in ten minuets. They also bring all the equipment they may need.

I see a lot of positives to birthing at home; two midwives dedicated to mine and babies care, no need to worry about getting to and from hospital, or find urgent babysitters, no need to pack a hospital bag, although I will be packing a few bits just in case of emergency, and no spending the labour on a bed staring at four blank walls, I'll be able to move around as much as I like in my own surroundings!

I'm really excited for this experience that will, hopefully, bring me a less stressful birth surrounded by everyone and everything I need. And who could begrudge the thought of being able to get in your own bed on babies first night?

Wish me luck!



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