Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Potty Training.

Posted by Gemma Roberts at 18:10:00

I started to fear that Connor was getting a bit old to still be in nappies full time. Hitting two years and eight months old had come around that fast, combined with being pregnant and having Logan to look after too, it was just easier for me for him to be in nappies.

We had to take the leap and I was so ready for him fighting it and for the tears. He surprised me, undies went on one day and we haven't looked back, I think he was ready. It started as a bit of a novelty, going to the bathroom every half hour must have been exciting (me being pregnant played to our advantage here as I needed to go pretty much when he did). That soon wore off and quite often now he will just disappear off and I'll wonder where he has been, until I hear the toilet flush. That's right he stands at the toilet now too!

Number two's were a bit harder to crack but I think we are there. At first he would come and ask for a nappy when he needed to go, I didn't mind one nappy change in a day, and better him come and ask than just go! We tried sitting him down and waiting...and waiting but he just seemed scared of doing the whole poo thing without the safety net. I didn't want to send us backwards so I never forced him. Last week he came and told me that he needed a poo, I was all set to get a nappy out when he let me know that he wanted to go on his potty. He picked a book, took it to the bathroom and just did it! I was amazed, he was so grown up! I guess he just had to get used to the idea himself and when he was ready to do it he did. Of course a big fuss was made of him and he was very proud of himself. Now when he needs to go, he lets me know (I'm still needed for the cleaning up bit yet) grabs a book and does his thing. My baby is growing up, very quickly, into a fab little guy!



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