Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Connor's Room.

Posted by Gemma Roberts at 20:39:00

Now that we own our own home we could finally decorate Connors room especially for him, a Thomas the Tank Engine themed room was decided upon and away we went.

So we stripped the old wallpaper off applied new lining paper and painted the walls an exact match of Thomas blue, we took an engine to get colour matched and everything! We decided to paint three walls and paper a feature wall with some official tank engine wallpaper. Connor had watched daddy stripping the old wallpaper away and one night decided to help by copying him, only problem was that daddy had already put the new paper on! So after some minor re-adjusting we are finally getting there! Just the feature wall to go!


And now the room is nearly done we decided to try Connor with a new lodger, his little brother! Logan has officially moved in! And, up to now (two hours in!) they are both sound asleep in THEIR room!




  1. Oh my colour matching Thomas - I am so impressed! Looks fab, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x

  2. I know right! That's commitment! Ha! Thank you! Xx



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