Friday, 6 September 2013

The Beach.

Posted by Gemma Roberts at 20:47:00

We took the boys on the train, through the pinewoods and to the beach, a proper adventure!

Connor loved it, until we took his wellies off, then he screamed the beach down and grappled my leg like a koala bear holding himself off of the sand, he hated how it felt underfoot! He much rather preferred squelching along in his soaked wellies.

We had a little pic-nic for lunch and trudged back along the beach, trying to find an easier way off than the way we had come, to get from the car park to the beach there is a huge sand dune to climb! It's hard work enough walking over it without a toddler, a baby and a double buggy with all the bags thrown in just for fun! But our search came to no avail and for the second, in what was a relatively short space of time, we climbed our mountain... Me carrying Connor and Daddy dragging the pram, Logan (who had slept through the majority of the day) and bags on board, behind him through the deep, soft sand, needless to say we were all ready for bed when we got home!



  1. Looks like a fun day - I love a trip to the beach!

  2. Rio wasn't a huge fan of the beach..but loves playing in the sand pit (work that one out)..looks like a great day!! Gorgeous photos - so precious!

  3. Such a cute photo, and who wouldn't want to keep those lovely wellies on!

  4. Looks like a great trip - wish we lived nearer to the beach



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