Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tiger Stripes.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 10:00:00

Having two babies on the bounce does not do your body any favours. I am covered in stretch marks, from my back round my belly, they got everywhere! In fact calling it a belly isn't even one hundred percent truthful, a pouch would be a more accurate description at the moment.

All joking aside, a post baby body isn't the most attractive and it really does knock your self esteem, big knickers have become my best friend and my big knockers my enemy, choosing to breastfeed leads on to needing nursing bras, no problem right? Wrong! I find it hard enough to find normal bras that fit me without having to spend a small fortune, and there is close to no support in a nursing bra, so when I wear one I may as well not be, they become basically a glorified way of keeping my breast pads on to save my clothes from a drowning!

All the experts talk about "accepting your post baby body" but that's easier said than done. Everybody wants the glow that is supposed to come with a baby but that doesn't happen for everyone and I certainly didn't "snap" back into shape after having Connor let alone after Logan. Having a baby changed me in every way, mentally and physically and getting my head around how my appearance has changed is hard work and yes my boys are worth it, but it doesn't stop me looking through old photos of myself sometimes and wondering if I'll ever look like that again.

There is another way to look at it though, all my stretch marks tell a story, my belly grew as my babies grew and those scars are my souvenirs, my war wounds if you like, one for each time they grew an inch or rolled over. I'm a tiger who, like so many others, earned her stripes!



  1. Love this! My baby is just 6 weeks old and I'm struggling with all of my tiger stripes. I feel fat and hideous and have to remind myself that those marks are like a reward for carrying my beautiful baby. Thanks for sharing! You look great by the way!

    1. Thank you! I don't feel like I look great but my boys are worth that flabby scarry pouch! I think most women feel the same about their bodies after having babies and the pressure from celeb culture doesn't help one bit! It takes a lot of getting used to, seeing such a transformation in your body in such a short space of time, the scars will fade but never disappear you just have to tell yourself it's proof of what a warrior you are, evidence of what your body went through for your baby! xoxo



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