Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sleeping like a Baby.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 16:28:00
...Is right! Logan is such a good sleeper, at just seven weeks old, as long as he is clean and fed he sleeps like a dream! He is only waking up once a night, most nights and really seems to enjoy his sleeps, maybe it's because he knows I am tired enough looking after his big brother all day! I am so very proud of my amazing little boy!

It's Connor who is having trouble sleeping through the night at the moment, often it's down to teething, the poor thing must be in agony with those massive teeth at the back coming through. But even when he's not teething he wakes through the night, he just starts to cry hysterically? Has anyone else experienced this, it's only just started, I read it could be nightmares/terrors? He settles again after he wakes but doesn't seem to "sleep through" much anymore, and neither does his mummy!



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