Friday, 8 February 2013


Posted by Gemma Kelly at 12:08:00
Connor is now sixteen months old and has a really good temperament, most of the time, he is really well behaved although a little mischievous, only what you would expect from a one year old little boy. But recently, over the past week or so he has started having tantrums, it tends to be when he is not allowed something or we take something off him, he will throw whatever is closest to him, get down onto all fours and start head butting the floor and he isn't gentle about it, his tantrums don't last long but they are very distressing to watch as a parent and also upsetting for Connor. He calms soon after he has started and continues as if it never happened!
Dealing with him is made harder as he is yet too young to understand what we are telling him, it seems all his frustration and anger is let out in one short burst and a couple of buts. I think his emotions just get bigger than he is and the only way for him to communicate how he feels to us is through these little fits. I'm hoping its just a phase and we haven't hit the "terrible twos" early.

If anyone has any experience or advice on this matter please leave a comment, I would really appreciate any help with these tantrums! You can also leave advice here.


  1. Keep talking to him. Remember he can understand a lot more than you might realise, and certainly far more than he can say, and the way he'll gain language is by you continuing to talk to him in simple phrases and words. Tantrums are almost always due to frustration. Think about other ways to stop his behaviour rather than simply taking things off him because all he sees then is that he's lost something. This is the terrible two's, it starts earlier than 24 months, and as he begins to understand more about the world and can explain himself better, they'll get better. I've heard they usually stop entirely around the time the child moves out....

    1. Haha! Thanks! We do talk to Connor a lot, and he does chatter away, it's just very stressful to watch him so upset, I definitely agree with the frustration, that tends to be the main emotion, thanks for the advice, I'll stick with it! :) x

  2. My friends little boy used to do this - so you aren't alone. My 15 month old has just started having tantrums - either freezes on the spot crying or falls to the floor. I was hoping that my 3 year old might be coming out the other end of the terrible two's but not yet! My 5 year old is usually pretty good thank god! Trying to remain calm is my advice - but it is far easier said than done x



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