Sunday, 10 February 2013


Posted by Gemma Kelly at 23:35:00

Don't sound like much, but they meant enough to me today to dedicate a post to them!

I got my first one since having Logan today, and it was immense! Having two young children means I get a lot less sleep than I used to but it is true that you adjust, saying that after a while it does begin to catch up with me. It wasn't to bad when I just had Connor, I could sleep when he slept and I did take naps with him on a regular basis, but now when Logan sleeps its not very often Connor does at the same time, and when I do manage to get them off together I have other jobs to fill my time, meaning that my nap time has gone well and truly out of the window!

Anyway, today it was daddy's turn, when Connor woke up this morning him and Logan went with Dane, he gave them breakfast (milk for Logan obvs.) and I got our wonderful kingsize, family bed all to myself, I rolled into the middle and rolled onto my front, something that's very hard to do when, for the most part of the last two years, I have been either pregnant or curled around a sleeping/feeding baby! I then fell sound asleep and didn't wake till nearly lunchtime! I feel refreshed and recharged all thanks to that extra couple of hours of perfectly undisturbed sleep, so thank you to my lovely other half for making it happen! Goodnight!



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