Thursday, 15 March 2012

Very Superstitious.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 12:50:00

There are so many pregnancy superstitions, do people really believe them all?

I know when I was pregnant with Connor, I did the whole wedding ring on a piece of string held above the belly to see if it swung side to side or round in a circle, but that was just for the fun of it, I can't even remember what it did, thats how not seriously I took the result. Another one is the "heartburn is hair" theory, I suffered quite badly with heartburn, so much so I got gaviscon on prescription and when C was born he did have a bit of a mop, but I'm sure that's just coincidence. If your having a boy, your supposed to carry your baby out front, which I very much did but I still can't bring myself to believe that you can use these old wives' tales to tell you the sex of your baby.

During my pregnancy I thought I knew I was having a boy, but then after I had convinced myself of this I remember thinking, "maybe because I was so sure he was a he, maybe he is a she?" complex I know, so naturally when the twenty week scan rolled around and the inevitable question came I couldn't help but say yes to finding out who was in my tummy, and from then on I couldn't wait to meet him.


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