Thursday, 9 April 2015


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Connor Joseph Roberts
Age: 3
Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Turning into such a smart, funny little boy! He is so outgoing and sociable it surprises even me. He relishes being the oldest sibling, loving, protecting and bossing about! He has a major mischievous streak in him, this can come out naughtily at times. He is very precise about the way he does things, this can cause ruptions between him and Logan. He knows what he wants and is learning more every day.

Logan Michael Roberts
Age: 1
Blonde hair, brown eyes.
Logan is a thinker. A lot more serious than Connor, making his giggles and comical moments more special. He ways up every situation and really thinks and try's to understand all that's being said to him. Logan has a tendency to be bit of a trouble causer and a winger, a proper middle child! He is more than likely the first to hit out and the first to come crying as well! Not speaking too much at the moment he is trying to get some communication across, mostly in the way of screaming! He understands a lot of what he is being asked and is pretty to eager to please, for now.

Amélie Margaret Roberts
Age: 10 weeks
(Not much) fair hair, dark blue eyes (still waiting to see).
Amélie is thriving! Hitting eleven pounds at her last weigh in (3 weeks ago!) she is beautiful, smiling and happy. Her little personality is starting to show now and her whole face lights up when she smiles! She is good as gold, sleeping six plus hours each night. She loves being cuddled, sitting up, she hates lying down, and of course she loves her boobie feeds! I really feel like we have an amazing bond already! I can't wait to watch her grow and learn!

Exciting times ahead for all! 


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