Thursday, 9 April 2015

New Normal.

Posted by Gemma Roberts at 20:18:00
It has taken us a good few weeks to adjust to being a family of five. Amélie is ten weeks old already, I can't believe how quick the time has gone, and even though she still seems brand new I feel like I've never been without her.

Life is a bit hectic at the minute having two toddlers and a newbie is quite an experience. Just getting us all up and dressed in a morning resembles a military operation. But we get there...eventually!

The boys love their baby sister... Can't get enough of holding her cuddling her and I think as she is getting that bit bigger now they love that she reciprocates with smiles and gurgles. How they get on with each other has been another matter entirely. It must just be the age they are at, at least I hope so, but they can go from playing and laughing together to screaming bloody murder in the blink of an eye. And when they fight, they fight! Push, pull, kick, anyway they can get their hands on each other... It can get to the point that it's unbearable! Maybe it's an attention thing at times, obviously with Daddy at work at a lot of my time taken up, especially with breastfeeding, I do feel they are missing out on some of the attention they are used to. This makes me feel super guilty so I do try my best to involve myself with what they are doing when I can. I have considered stopping the breastfeeding and putting Amélie on the bottle but that makes me feel guilty too so I can't win. I'm trying my best, really trying, but some days it is so hard, I feel like all I do at times is tell them not to be doing something.

The difficult thing is that they can be the two sweetest little boys, and when we are out, most of the time, they are so good! I think it's a mixture of things, their ages, the weather, attention and boredom. I am hoping that as Logan's communication skills get better there will be a better understanding between the two of them and why they expect and want from each other. Connor starts nursery in January too, I think this will help as it will offer him sociality with different people, that he will relish as he is so outgoing, and it will also give Logan the chance to be the eldest and only boy in the house for a hours each day.

All I can do until then is keep trying, plodding on trying to teach them to respect each others feelings and space. We will get there, we are all still growing as a family unit and learning where and how we all fit into our new dynamic. At times it's hard and can get us all down but at times it's amazing, and I wouldn't change is for a second!

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