Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Morning...

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 13:05:00


We had booked the wedding for 9:45 am, obviously forgetting that we wouldn't be getting ready alone that morning but we got there me in my dress and my amazing boys in their suits.

My mum took Connor and Logan in her car to meet us at the town hall, we had a Daimler to go in and that time spent in the back of that car, just me and him, was the most exciting time of my life... We hardly spoke, just held hands all the way there and by the time we arrived my face hurt from smiling but I couldn't stop.

It rained so after a few quick snaps we got inside, where everyone but myself, my bridesmaid and my dad headed off up the stairs into the room we were to be married in. It felt like a lifetime waiting to be allowed up and my nerves were steadily growing but finally I was called to confirm some details and then it was time, time to get married.

I fooled my "maid" through the small corridor, linked arm in arm with my dad, into a room where all eyes were on me, I felt so special and it was so perfect to have all the people that mean the most to us witness us take our vows and promise to love each other forever, and our boys were extremely well behaved, the only noise that came from them was a train running on the metal of one of the seats, Connor was playing trains in between being silenced by pieces of chocolate. We exchanged rings signed the register and headed for breakfast as Man and Wife!




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