Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Eighteen Months.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 08:00:00

When did that happen? Connor is a whole year and a half today, and all I did was blink! It's such a privilege to watch him grow and learn everyday, to see him slowly understand things more and more.

So a little update...

He has been walking since he turned one but now he runs, dances, he can walk on his tip toes and in circles purposefully to make himself dizzy. He still has his beautiful blonde curls, my haircut didn't take them away! He has bright blue eyes, an amazing smile of twelve, nearly sixteen, teeth, that he brushes very thoroughly on a daily basis, and wears a size four and a half G shoe. His favourite food is baked beans, he loves Thomas the Tank Engine and his toy trains. He knows "mummy", "daddy", "baba", "pea"(the cat), "hifive", "ta" and "hiya" amongst some other noises that resemble words we are able to translate between us. He sleeps in his own bed in his own room from seven each night till seven the next morning. He is a cheeky little bundle of energy that makes me laugh everyday of my life, even the ones when he drives me crazy!

I can't believe he is on his way to two, I miss his baby days but I love seeing him getting more and more independent, wether it's feeding himself or undressing himself, even if it does break my heart a little more each time he does something solo I am proud that I had a part in teaching him that seemingly simple skill.

I just love him.



  1. Gorgeous photos! Time goes so fast doesn't it :)

  2. My "baby" will be 18 months old next week. What a fun age!

  3. It really does, I can't believe how fast it has gone! And it is lots of fun, he's not so much of a baby anymore though! :( xx



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