Sunday, 10 March 2013

Drinking From the Bottle.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 18:00:00

I've done it! I've given in, I didn't want to but it just makes things so much easier, and makes me able to give both boys a proper routine and equal attention... I have transitioned Logan onto formula!


Don't judge! Breastfeeding is hard, Logan was hardly ever off me and I started to feel Connor was missing out, he is only one after all and still a baby himself. So I fed Logan myself for ten weeks and I feel ok about it, obviously I know the benefits of the longer you feed them the more pluses there are but ten weeks is better than none and at the end of the day it's my decision. Now that I have worked out a feeding routine for Logan my whole day just feels more accomplished and I feel in control again, I know time keeping shouldn't be an excuse but with two under two it is, I need all the time I can get when Dane is at work and now I'm not nursing Logan I can synchronise their naps and get things done. It also means I'm not the only one who can feed him anymore, and on one level I'm sad about that, the bond breastfeeding creates, in my opinion, is amazing and the closest you can get with your baby, I loved feeding both of my boys, but on another level it frees up some time for me, to spend with Connor or just get on with other things that need doing.

I am proud of myself that I fed both of my babies and even though it wasn't for long, I feel I've given them the best start I could.



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