Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Attachment Issues?

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 14:47:00

One thing I wondered with us co-sleeping with Connor was wether, when he got too big to share with us anymore, he would be really upset having to go to bed alone when he was so used to being close to us. Well that time has come, Connor got too big, and awkward, he likes to sleep horizontally, and the reason we let him in our bed in the first place was because we all got a better nights sleep, that sleep is now being compromised as it would seem Connor was the only one comfortable enough to sleep through!

I expected screaming, fighting, tantrums. I was prepared for that, I knew the first few nights would be hellish. So the first night I was ready, I grabbed my Ipad, duvet and supplies to keep Logan occupied, I know right, as if trying to get Connor to sleep happily and peacefully in his own bed in his own room wasn't hard enough, I had to do it with a twelve week old in toe! Logan was in quite a subdued mood, he always is after his bath, so I placed him into his bouncy chair in Connors room and let Connor have a little mooch around for a short while, he doesn't spend a lot of time in his room so I wanted him to get used to being in there, I took him a warm milk up that I put into his bed along with his doddies and sat on the floor next to it and proceeded to read a bedtime story, I was soon joined on the floor by my first born and by the time I had finished his third story he was near sleep. I gently coaxed him onto his bed, I wanted it to be his idea, he picked up his bottle and fell fast asleep before it was drank! Now came the hard part, getting out! I had to get myself, Logan and my quilt out of his room without waking him, I can't say I was quiet, in fact the quieter I tried to be the more noise I made, knocking things over dropping things but Connor was sound! I had been in there an hour in total, not bad for a first night! I expected waking and crying but the two times he did wake he soon settled himself and went back off to sleep, I didn't see him until eight the next morning!

It has been a week now, bath and bed by seven, he listens to one story and he is fast! I guess he was ready or he knew it was time but I can't believe how well he has adapted, I am so proud of him and I think we all sleep better for it. I am knocking on wood as I write this but I really have been pleasantly surprised at how easily Connor has gotten used to sleeping alone.



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