Thursday, 17 January 2013

We Love to Boogie!

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 17:00:00

Connor loves to dance, it started just after he started to walk, he would notice the music on a certain advert or tv program and casually start to bop. Just a little squat up and down to the beat. Now when he hears a tune he likes he will look over at me all coy, give me a cheesy, you know what I'm about to do kinda smile and start to dance. His moves have become more complex, starting with the tapping of one or both of his feet he will bop around waving his arms up and down and round and round. He is quite the showman, and he has everyone in stitches when they notice him dancing!

They run a "giddy dancers" club at the playgroup he goes to, it's eighteen months plus, but I explained to the organiser that he just loves to dance so I put him on the waiting list and as soon as a spot becomes available he will be able to boogie his little bottom off at a proper little dance class!

My little dancing Queen King!

P.S. I will upload a video of him actually throwing some shapes when he doesn't notice me recording him, he stops automatically when he does!




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