Monday, 14 January 2013

Play Group.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 11:49:00

I have been looking for a parent and toddler group for a little while,I like the idea of Connor becoming more social with kids his age and size! He gets so excited when he sees another child he often becomes over boisterous and waves his arms, unintentionally hitting out. I also like the idea of it just being time for us, now Logan is here Connor doesn't get all of my attention all the time the way he did before and going to this group, whilst leaving baby at home with Daddy or Grandma, gives us the opportunity to have some proper one on one time.

The group we found is at a school around the corner from our house, perfectly within walking distance, and today was the first day I took him. He loved it! The excitement on his face when he walked into a room of different toys, activities and most all children for him to play with, he was in his element! He got on really well with the other toddlers, there was no trouble or tantrums, he was quite happy to potter about and look into what everyone else was getting up to and involving himself. It made me so ecstatic and proud to see my little boy enjoying himself so much and being so grown up. It was also nice for me to speak with other mums, we all have something in common and it makes them very easy to talk to and get along with.

I can't wait to take Connor back next week and I'm sure he can't wait to go again, I've even signed him up for a dance group, he has gone on the waiting list, and I am looking into taking him to some other groups held there. I am looking forward to making time for us a regular thing.

He had such a good time he has come home and crashed out on the couch!



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