Thursday, 31 January 2013

Nappy Bum.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 14:57:00

Before having babies I never even thought about nappies, I just sort of assumed I would do what everyone did, and use disposable nappies(that is what everyone did, right?) cloth diapering never occurred to me.

Connor is one now and a I recently read that parents spend, on average, five hundred pounds on disposable nappies in the first year alone, and it was on hearing this fact I started to think about and look into using re-usable ones. I started my research and was surprised at, a) the amount of mamas I found using them, and b) the amount of different types of nappy there are, my research became a whole lot more complex on discovering that it wasn't as simple as some towelling and pinning! It seems that cloth diapering has moved on with the times and it was managing to keep up! The nappies are now easy to use, easy to clean, affordable, more so when buying in bulk, and also most of them grow with your child, giving parents a one off cost, more of an investment really.

After all my research and questions answered I decided I would try it, I chose a pocket nappy (where the inserts are put in and removed easily, this also means you can put as many inserts in as you deem necessary!) it came with one microfibre insert that I didn't feel would suffice so invested in some bamboo ones as well! I only ordered the one nappy to begin with, I didn't want to spend a small fortune for what was just a trial, for me and for Connor, I wasn't sure we would like using them or more to the point if I could handle it. To me cloth nappies brought up visions of piles of wet clothes and bedding from leaks and a great smelly mess that left me in far closer proximity to poo than I would like!

When I tried the nappy on Connor the first time he seemed unsure, a look came across his face as If to ask wether he was allowed to let himself go in this new luxurious bottom covering but he soon got used to it, and when it came time to change him again I was happy in finding a well used nappy with no leaks and and was still nice and dry inside, keeping him comfy. I am still to test this nappy with handling a number two, and the thought of using one when he has one of those days, you know the ones, were the contents of the nappy seemingly explodes and manages to cover the whole inside of their trousers, including their legs, socks and sometimes even travel up their back, the kind of ones that end up in a bath they are that bad! (Too much info? Sorry!) well that will be the true test for me, I need to know I can cope with that mess, but if it passes I will definitely be considering converting both boys to cloth nappies on a full time basis. And the best thing about them..? They are just so darn cute!



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