Thursday, 6 December 2012


Posted by Gemma Kelly at 23:55:00

Looking back through photos of Connor when he was just a few months old, I never realised how little hair he had! It wasn't always that way, first born he had a lovely head of dark hair but the more able he got to move around the more it just rubbed away and the fact it got fairer didn't help.

Now though it seems it has come back, with a vengeance! And I love it! His whole head is covered it tight, blonde little curls that are just the cutest thing, seeing him just out of the tub is a real treat, he could almost be mistaken for a little sheep it curls so much! It's starting to get pretty long now though but I refuse to get it cut whilst its still so beautiful and easy to manage, although it is so tightly curled, and there is so much of it, it is still so soft and fine that it doesn't get tangled, not without the help of a jam sandwich anyway! Also I don't want having it cut to take away the curls, I've heard this can happen?

So when is the right time for a first haircut? Is it different for boys and girls? When I eventually do decide to get it cut I wanted for him to have something a little different to the norm, but I don't want him to look silly, what haircut is acceptable for a toddler that's not the bog standard short back and sides or a bowl? Oh well I guess I have enough time to think about that as I don't plan on taking him for a cut anytime soon, it's just too cute!


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