Saturday, 1 December 2012


Posted by Gemma Kelly at 12:34:00
I really can't get my head around the fact it's December already! That means my due date is just twelve days away! I am so excited for the whole Christmas season, I know that we will all be super tired but Dane has his paternity leave starting from the thirteenth and we are having Christmas at home where we can just chill, take our time and enjoy our boys, if our present arrives on time that is, otherwise Christmas Day may be spent in a very different, but none the less memorable way!

Connor had his first chocolate from his calendar today and was very happy that he got to have it as part of his breakfast, obviously he is still too little to understand the whole tradition yet, so naturally he wanted the rest as well but he soon got over it when I brought him the rest of his breakfast to distract him! He could eat for England I swear!

Thankfully we are pretty much prepared for Christmas, cards are written, decs are up and presents are wrapped, I wanted it all done in time for the new little man to make his appearance so that when the time comes we have nothing to worry about we can just sit back and enjoy the season and the time with our little family without having to stress about shopping and festive jobs! Now it's just a waiting game!


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