Thursday, 15 November 2012

King of the Clingdom.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 11:09:00
 I don't know what has happened lately but Connor has become completely obsessed, with me! It seems like all he wants is to be attatched to me all the time! He never used to have a problem with being left, obviously not for long periods, but while I went to the loo or to make us lunch he would sit and play quite happily but the past week or so as soon as the door is closed he is in hysterical tears untill I re-enter the room!

I know I should be flattered, and in a way I am, it's because he loves me right? He doesn't want me to leave him but being eight months pregnant and alone with him all day, and when Dane is working all night too sometimes, I need to do things that he is unable or it wouldn't be safe for him to join in with. 

Another reason this behaviour is starting to worry me slightly is that his brother is due anytime now, this means I am going to be away whilst in hospital and then coming home with a newborn who obviously has a bigger need in me, especially because I am planning to breast feed again. This doesn't mean I will be leaving Connor out after the birth but he will obviously feel a little strange that one day he has me all to himself, all my attention, all the time, and the next he will have to share me. I am just hoping that Dane having four weeks off from work once he arrives will help a) with making Connor feel more involved and b) with taking on more of the feeding etc.. of baby brother so that I can still spend quality time with big brother. And I am going to be making a concious effort to be including Connor in anything he can with his new little playmate, make him feel that he is helping Mummy and Daddy with looking after baby! 
If you had this kind of dilemma when expecting your second baby and have any ideas on helping me from stopping Connor feel left out please share!


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