Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Breakfast with my Boys.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 20:04:00
We went out this morning for breakfast and had a really lovely time, as we were out so early it was great to have the place to ourselves meaning that Connor could be as loud as he liked without us constantly feeling the need to hush him, not that when we go out any other time he is overly boisterous (well, no more than usual!) in fact I often consider myself very lucky when sitting in a restaurant and hearing parents tackling mis-behaving children without trying to draw attention to themselves that we have never really had that problem with Connor (as yet anyway!) he seems to quite enjoy sitting and noseying at what everybody else is doing and if there is food and a balloon in it for him well, thats just a bonus!

Connor loves food! Thats probably a given for most kids, but the size of his apetite really does surprise me and there is nothing he won't try and, as yet, nothing I have found he doesn't really like, even his vegetables, in fact he loves them!


  1. Oh Gemma he is just adorable!
    Breakfast is my favourite meal to go out for, probably because it's the one that we rarely get to actually go out for. But I agree on the going early part, even if we go out for lunch or dinner, we always go a little early so we can beat the crowd and not stress about the kids being noisy. Our lunches often happen at around 1130 and dinners 530 for this reason! It means that both us and the kids are more relaxed.
    Hope you enjoyed your breakfast :)

  2. We really did, Thanks! And your right I probably enjoyed it more because we all were unknowingly more relaxed because it wasn't busy. This will probably be even more true when baba numero 2 decides to make a n appearance! xx

  3. He looks very happy perched up in his highchair! Hopefully he stays a good eater for you :)

  4. Hope so! There's no signs of him slowing down! Xx



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