Sunday, 11 November 2012

Forever Blowing Bubbles.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 21:57:00
Connor has so many toys yet he still seems to want something new to mess with, now that he is walking it would be lovely to go on lots of different adventures with him but unfortunately it's the wrong time of the year,so we have to find exciting things for him to play indoors! Today he learnt how to play the keyboard, he found it so much fun with all the buttons and knobs to push and turn and it made noise too, which to Connor is always a plus!

He also spent a long while trying to catch bubbles and he couldn't understand that no matter how hard he tried to be gentle he couldn't hold one in his hand, this didn't frustrate him though, just made him more determined to try! (This shows what a stubborn personality he has, just like his Daddy!) The bubbles really caught his attention and he was quite happy to sit and watch them for a good hour this afternoon, I guess to a one year old it's just like magic!


  1. Wow he is a cutie!! kids really do like the simplest things!! found you through open slather.

  2. Aw thanks, and I know, you could buy a whole heap of toys and they would play most with the box!

  3. He is so cute! They love new things to play with, especially when they realise they can make noise with touch and they pick it up so quickly! Mine turned 1 on Friday, and not walking quite yet. Great to have come across your blog, thanks for linking up :)

  4. It's so amazing how quick they learn just from watching you! I thought Connor would never walk but all of sudden there he was, now he is practically running. X



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