Friday, 9 November 2012

Follow that Star.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 19:03:00
Today I gave into my temptation, I put up my Christmas tree, not just because I love Christmas and got way too over-excited about the whole situation, but because I enjoy decorating for the occasion I wanted to be able to enjoy it before I get too big and uncomfortable and unable to do it.

As we have moved into a bigger a house on account of a new member of the family's arrival being iminent we now have a separate front room that the tree is able to go into without the fear of being completely destroyed and in need of re-decoration daily, courtesy of Connor and Peach! He did help me put the tree together, he wasn't sure of the feel of it at first but he soon got used to it and was very intrigued by the whole thing. All the excitement must of got to him as before I could get the lights untangled he had fallen asleep, leaving me to decorate solo, which wasn't a completely bad idea, I'm sure it took less than half the time it could of! And what a lovely, happy boy re-joined me in the front room when he woke up, so surprised and amazed at all the lights and baubles, so much to look at, and grab!

As the tree is up in the front room and therefore only visable to Connor through patterned glass doors I wanted something that he could enjoy more of the time. I put these star lights up in the back window, right were his play area is, as well as being his own little part of Christmas they also act as a great illuminator for him to play under as the evenings are going dark so much earlier.

 So now, with me not being in work, I have put the decs' up, nearly finished all Christmas shopping and the writing of our cards, I can put my feet up and enjoy the festive season! (Well untill that time comes.)


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