Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Posted by Gemma Kelly at 19:04:00

Now that Connor is sitting up pretty much independently and can move backwards, even though he's trying to go forwards, his want to play has rocketed. When he would usually sit quite contented on your knee he now lunges forward constantly until you lay him down for tummy time.

Of course I still pile cushions around him when he is sat up because if a toy catches his eye and it's just too far out of reach he has no fear in going for it, usually landing face down, I swear this boy has no fear.

Your advised to give your baby around thirty minuts tummy time every day but I think Connor must get at least two or three times that. He is so near to crawling, he gets up onto his hands pulls his bum up and in, then bursts forward and slides backwards, very amusing to watch but very frustrating for him as what he's aiming for gets further away.

He is really enjoying his play and it's amazing to watch him move about, rolling over and pulling and throwing his toys around. I couldn't be prouder of my little guy.


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