Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Splish Splash, Taking a Bath.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 20:14:00

We now, selfishly really, find it easier for Connor to get in the big bath with us rather than using his own baby bath, all the leaning over and balancing trying to avoid major spillages whilst moving a bath of water from room to room was starting to get old.

At first I was worried for him in the depth of our water, as I worry for him in most things, but I was soon to find that our boy is actually quite a water baby. Not to mention the fact that he apparently extremely enjoys being naked. These things have now made bath time very active and enjoyable for all of us.

After seeing the success of being in the water at home we decided to take the plunge, literally, and head to the pool. Once again a wave of fear came over me at the thought of my little one being dropped under the water and unable to help himself, but, just as before, all my fretting became unjust as he revelled in being in the water. Tentative at first but quickly growing more confident by the end of our first session his legs were kicking, his arms flapping and he'd even dropped his face to water level leaving his eyes and nose red and running, not even this could deter him from the fun we were having together.

His first swim took place at twelve weeks and we have made it, at least, a weekly routine and up to now, whilst at the pool anyway, not one single tear has been shed........ And boy does he sleep when we get home.


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