Monday, 27 February 2012

The Prince and The Pea-ch.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 12:55:00

A baby and a kitten...the puuurfect combination? I got my kitten as my twentieth birthday present and the attitude from others was, "are you taking on too much?" The general rulings on having a cat with a small baby in the house is to be very aware of where they both are at all times, which of course I planned to be. They say "cats sleep on babies faces, they want the warm and the milk", now don't get me wrong, peach loves to be warm and is partial to the odd drink of milk, but not once had she tried to sleep, or do anything else for that matter, to Connors head, oh other than wash it. It's not just once the baby is here you need to worry about being a cat owner, during the pregnancy there is a risk of Toxoplasmosis, an infection with a parasite. One way you can come into contact with the parasite is poo. Although I knew about this dangerous, and potentially fatal to the baby, parasite it didn't put me off, it just meant I couldn't clean the litter tray out, and I wasn't gong to argue with that. I did worry a little once Connor was born, would she scratch him? Purposefully or just playing she could hurt him, but my fears were soon forgotten for as soon as we came home it was as if she knew, she knew she wasn't to hurt him, that he was to be looked after, protected even. The only time she has touched him is to lick his head as to wash him and take care of him, and even now he's getting to the grab and pinch stage she seems to genuinely enjoy the rough "play" and still won't harm him, after all they are both still only babies. And I just know that as they both grow up together they will become as thick as thieves and just as he's taught her to be a protector of him, she'll teach him to be respectful to animals.... And I'm sure they will help each other in playing tricks on mummy and daddy!


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