Friday, 18 April 2014

Christmas 2013.

Posted by Gemma Roberts at 09:25:00

I think I was the most excited about Christmas! Logan didn't understand and Connor was nearly there but still didn't quite get it.


I was first awake waiting to take the boys to see what had been brought for them, after a minute Connor got the idea, loving each present he opened, seeing his face was magic! Logan, like his brother the year before was more interested in the paper and boxes!


We had visitors of family in the morning but had decided to have Christmas just the four of us, our little but as we had found out the night before, ever growing family!


As I am writing this post, much, later than expected I can say that we had for the best present of knowing I was expecting...again!


Christmas dinner was perfect, we all stuffed ourselves around the table, laughing and joking, I loved every second!


As always it goes too fast but we can look forward to next year and the chaos of three. I can't wait!




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