Sunday, 20 October 2013

Connor turns 2.

Posted by Gemma Roberts at 00:00:00

My little boy isn't so little anymore! I don't know how or when it happened but he grew up. It makes me sad to think he isn't a baby anymore, he is a little boy, who can walk and talk and who definitely knows what he wants.

Connor is train mad and got completely spoilt with engine related gifts, another favourite toy is duplo, so a combination of the two, which he received, went down a storm.seeing his face light up with each present and surprise was perfect. By the end of the day, after his roast dinner, he went to bed one happy but exhausted little man.

I also think a birthday is sentimental to a mother, all through the day I have remembered that two years ago when he was just hours old, it seems like two minuits not years! I miss my baby, the one that could only sleep on his tummy on my chest, the one who needed me for everything, but I love him more than ever. Now he has become so independant, he has me laughing everyday and makes me proud every second.

Happy Birthday beautiful boy!



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