Friday, 9 August 2013


Posted by Gemma Roberts at 09:48:00

It seems as though Logan has been about to crawl for weeks now, don't get me wrong he gets about in his own way, most of which is travelling backwards, but he still hasn't quite got the hang of arm/leg co-ordination. He watches Connor a lot and I think he is learning from him, he wants to do what Connor can do and Logan is already a determined little guy, this leads me to thinking that maybe he won't crawl, maybe one day he will just take his first steps. He can already pull himself onto his feet with ease and just loves to be standing up, the balance isn't there yet so he doesn't last too long but for seven months I don't think he is doing to bad! Check him out walking behind his car! He is ace and so, so strong! Once he does find his feet there will be no stoping the two of them from running absolute rings around me!




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