Saturday, 6 July 2013

Back to Work.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 17:25:00

I started back at work this week! Such good timing I know! My first day was the day after we moved to the new house, and I was to start at seven AM! I was pretty nervous, mainly to do with the fact that the entire computer system had changed whilst I was away! I had also only been back three months between each maternity leave so I thought it may take me a while to get back into the throws of it!

And of course it meant leaving Connor and Logan for a full eight hour shift! Needless to say I missed them like crazy! I was constantly checking my phone waiting for a message from Grandma to tell me she had had enough, gone mad and left them to their own devices! Of course she never would and when we were reunited I don't really know if they had noticed I had been gone all that long but it felt like forever to me and doing that twice a week is way enough!

Being in work was like I had never been away, same place, a lot of the same faces and, although I did just want to be at home with my babies I did rather enjoy the freedom of not having a sidekick when nipping the loo or having to share my lunch with any little mouths! In all seriousness I think it's important to keep some connection to the outside world when you become a mum, for me anyway I can go to work for a break, some time to be myself with other adults, it helps me remember who I am other than just "mum", that doesn't mean I don't miss the boys, after a shift is over I can't wait to see them and I would still choose being at home with them over anything but I have to work so I may as well use the time I am there to fill my non-baby talk social needs whilst I am earning a crust!



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