Wednesday, 5 June 2013

DIY Day.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 22:41:00

Another beautiful day, slightly cloudier than previous, just perfect weather for a DIY project! Daddy was off work so we all enjoyed an early morning pic-nic...delicious! And then we set to work, by we I mean Connor and I!

Daddy helped with the heavy lifting, I'll give him his due for that, I would never have gotten that chest down the stairs solo! And he took the opportunity for some Daddy/Baby bear bonding time, by this I mean him and Logan both fell asleep on the sofa, leaving all the real graft to me and my first born!

This chest of drawers came from my mums and it had been there as long as I can remember! It's had many paint jobs over the years but no makeover as I radical as what I had planned for it. I got me some fab wallpaper, something I would never be brave enough to actually put on my walls, wallpaper paste, sanding paper, a Stanley knife and I was ready! With the help of my trusty sidekick I sanded the whole thing, pasted then papered it all,(Connor was especially good at smoothing out all the air bubbles!) then using the knife neatened the whole thing up, after it had dried out i then sanded it again, giving it my desired aged effect. I had never attempted anything like this before so was unsure of what to expect of my outcome but on the whole I am really rather happy!

By the time it was finished and Dad had drilled the handles back on it was just about tea time then straight in the bath and to bed for my big, tired helper! We had a very busy day and watching Connor admire his work, I could see how proud and happy he was to be helping Mummy! And we still had a spare couple of minutes for my poser to throw a few shapes for a quickie of a photo shoot!

(I do realise sandpaper and Stanley knives are not toys, and obviously Connor was not using those, I kept them carefully well out of reach!)




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