Monday, 1 April 2013

An Hour Ahead.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 12:30:00

The clocks went forward, making it lighter in the evenings! If you have read my other post, Attatchment Issues? you will know that Connor has been sleeping in his own room like a trooper but it's amazing the difference one hour can make to his bedtime routine! It's only been one night but thus far it's outgoing well, we stuck to his bath and bed times as usual but where Connor would normally be asleep by seven pm his bedroom being so light meant that he didn't understand that it was time to sleep. Giggles and chatter were heard across the baby monitor till gone eight o'clock then the tears started as he had had enough of playing in his room alone! We ended up hanging a dressing gown in his window to block out some light! I'll give him his due, once it was a little darker and daddy put him to bed he slept through till eight this morning as oppose to the normal six thirty, so there are pluses but when I'm up that early with Logan anyway it just puts all of our day out of whack! I think an investment into a blackout blind wont be far away in order to remove the dressing gown and stop his room looking like some kind of squat!

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