Friday, 1 March 2013

My Bag, Baby!

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 09:30:00

I think when you become a mum you can lose part of your identity, you can kind of just become a mum and that's it. I know I don't worry, as much, about what I am wearing all the time because I know wether I spend five minuets or two hours getting ready that I'll just end up getting spit up on, and the only option for my hair at the moment is to be tied back, the pain of little fingers getting tangled in it is not worth looking glam. I think this is part of the reason choosing a pram and accessories is such a major thing for a woman, they have to look just right!

A changing bag was a big deal for me, although I didn't realise it until I had opted for a budget bag that would simply "do the job", I didn't realise the amount of belongings a baby needs to take with him for just a trip into town, there's the obvious, like nappies, wipes and creams etc.. but then there's also the things that, before having a baby, I may not have considered for example, spare clothes for those unexpected moments (use your imagination) or spare bottles/milk, and of course I still need to be able to fit in MY essentials, purse, keys, phone and the like, i guess you could always carry on using your normal handbag, but really, who wants to add more bulk than is absolutely necessary. I am not a carthorse! I also didn't realise just how much I would use the bag, but it comes everywhere with me, it has to, it's like security if there's an emergency. I swear there is a solution to every problem in a mothers changing bag! You have to prepare for every possible situation you may find yourself in.

So having Logan gave me the perfect excuse to upgrade, everything I need in the bag for Connor has doubled! There's two of everything now! My mission began, all the research into all these different bags with all different functions, accessories and styles was hard work, but in the end I made my decision, the Pink Lining "Twins" bag, I know I technically don't have twins but they're not far off so the two inside compartments of the bag come in really handy for keeping each boys essentials separate and the pocket at the front is perfect for my bits and bobs with easy access and I love the design, it's pretty and practical and perfect for giving me a bit of personality and individuality back at the same time as being a mum.

Check out some other changing bags I looked at on Babyhuddle.



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