Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Connor's Cut.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 19:00:00

It breaks my heart to say it but it was time...for Connors first haircut! His beautiful blonde curls were becoming a bigger mass of frizz everyday, he needed a tidy up.

We planned on taking him to a barber but when it came to it we decided that the amount he would be wriggling it wouldn't make much difference who had cut it and it was only a trim after all. So after his bath between Dane and myself we managed to get Connor to sit still long enough to cut his curls, that I have of course kept, and he looks like a new baby, a proper little boy! I think we did rather well for a first DIY job! Take a look.



  1. I always cut my sons hair myself, whilst theyre little its just as easy to DIY. My daughter has curly hair and I havent cut it yet, but it is a bit of a frizzy mop! You did a good job, his hair looks cute x

    1. I left it as long as I could! I love his curls but he does look like a proper cute little boy now. And thanks, it's not too bad, a bit uneven in places but the way he was wriggling I don't think a hairdresser could have got it much neater! x



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