Friday, 28 December 2012

Christmas 2012.

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Christmas came very fast this year, going eight days overdue with Logan made it seem like it all happened at once. It may have been quick but it was perfect, chilled out and amazing, obviously getting the best present ever four days before helped.

We got up around eight and took our time with the present opening, it took Connor near two hours to open them all, the paper got peeled off slowly and carefully placed into a neat pile, he can be quite particular about these things, and then with each new toy that was unwrapped was a moment of playtime to go with. Both the boys received lots of gifts, utterly spoiled, so much so the lounge is now like a playroom!

We had family around for dinner and everybody helped with the cooking, having Christmas at home meant there was no pressure over times so the whole thing was really relaxed. We ate around four o'clock and Logan slept through the whole thing, leaving me able to really enjoy helping Connor eat his dinner, not that he needed all that much help! He stuffed himself! He even wore his hat through the whole thing, he looked beautiful and seeing him having such a great day, opening his presents and then loving his lunch made me close to bursting with pride, having Logan really makes me see how grown up Connor is now, and he's amazing!

When all our guests had left, Logan was fed and asleep, meaning I could spend quality time bathing my big baby, we had real fun playing in the tub, dressing him in his new Christmas pj's, he then had his milk and all the excitement of the day finally hit him and he fell fast asleep and we didn't hear another peep from him until eight am on Boxing Day!

I had the best Christmas I've ever had and it was all thanks to my three amazing boys! Here's to next year!






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