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Five fifty in the am and my waters went, not as dramatic as with Connor but enough to know I wasn't just having an uncontrollable wee! It started with just a slow trickle but son turned into a steady waterfall as I sat on a bin bag under towels to protect the furniture. Dane called my mum and she began getting ready to make her way around, she was going to be at the birth, as she was with Connor, and also my brothers and sister were sharing the responsibilities of looking after the soon to be big brother whilst I was at hospital.
I rang the delivery sweet at the hospital and let them know what was going down but as I hadn't yet started with any contractions she told me there was no rush to get there just so long as I had been seen before nine that would be ok. We stopped of at the supermarket for snacks on the way, and it's a good job we did, we still, unknowingly had a long day ahead.
We arrived at the hospital around eight and I was put onto the monitor on the labour ward pretty much straight away and I was hoping that some sort of pains would start soon so that I wouldn't have to go back home.
I had had a cold since the previous weekend and it was still really bad, my nose completely blocked and a very bad cough, so bad in fact I think it was that that helped to break my waters, they went just after I had finished a coughing fit. Because of this I was dehydrated and was running a higher than normal temperature, unsure as to wether I was at the beginnings of an infection the doctors wanted to put me on a drip to get some fluids into my system. This was more work than they had anticipated, the doctor tried both hands to get the tube in but failed both times, needless to say it was pretty uncomfortable. Next to try was the anaesthetist, he got a tube in first time but had to put it into my arm.
After monitoring the baby and seeing his heart rate dropping with each of the light contractions I was now having I was advised to move onto my left side and the midwife and doctors agreed that I should stay in hospital and that they would put me onto the inducing hormone through my drip to help get me into labour more quickly.
The day went on and my labour was progressing all be it not very fast, my contractions were coming but still very irregularly, even though they were getting stronger so they just kept upping the level of hormone through my drip. The day continued like this and by the evening my contractions were strong, very strong but still very irregular, I would have three or four very close together, almost on top of each other then have a four or five minute gap and I was exhausted.
Up until now I was only using gas and air as pain relief but after speaking with the midwife I decided I had to have something else. I chose pethidine, I could still use the gas to help me get through the pains and I didn't really feel as though the pethidine was taking any of the pain away it did help to relax me between the contractions enough to rest, almost sleep, and I was so exhausted. The later it got the more tired I got and the more I was feeling the urge to push, and I was not happy at being told I was still only eight centimetres dilated and I wasn't allowed to push yet. As I neared the end of labour I was desperate for the pain to stop, I did what I least wanted to, I asked for an epidural, practically begged, Dane was amazing, he calmed me, convinced me it wasn't what I really wanted and if I just held on it would be over soon. Which it was,I changed position for a few contractions, then again and again until I was on my knees, bent over and I knew this was it, my body was pushing and I couldn't stop it any longer. I pushed for just sixteen minutes and he was here.
I rolled over onto my back as quickly as I could, which with two drips in my arm and still hooked up to the monitor wasn't as quick as I'd like but when I had gotten back onto my back I held him and held him and felt like I never wanted to move, he was perfect.
Apparently an induced labour can be more painful and I can vouch for that, I'd take Connors' thirty hour stint anyday over the sixteen hours of Logans' but he's here and that's all that counts. On the up side I didn't need stitches this time and it surprised me how much of a difference that made to the speed of my recovery, I had to stay on antibiotics for another five days to see off the infection but I was home and well in time for Christmas, with the best present ever!


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