Monday, 5 November 2012

Pack Your Bags.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 20:23:00
Even though there will be only fourteen months between Connor and his little brother I can't remember what I packed in my hospital bag. All I know is that I took a massive suitcase, full, and this time around I seem to have a lot less, maybe it's just a realisation that because Connor was my first baby I not so much planned but packed for longer than an over-night stay and took way too much stuff for me and him! This time I am just taking the essentials, anything else I need will just have to be brought in later!

 My boys.
What did you pack?


  1. The first time I packed a nightgown, robe, slippers, a month's worth of maxi pads (what was I thinking?!) and a TON of baby clothes as I didn't know what size the little bean would be. (Turned out 9.2 lb babies don't fit into newborn sizes!)
    Hilariously we actually ended up leaving the hospital about 2 hours post-natal and never even unpacked our bag except to pull out his first outfit!

    Second time around I packed the basic essentials and it was grand! Turns out .5 lb less means your baby DOES fit into NB clothes and so we needed to go out and buy a ton of stuff we didn't have the first time around. Ya live, ya learn! :P

  2. Wow 9.2! Connor was 7.8 and all the newbie stuff was too big! so I have picked up some tiny baby things, just a few bits that will only last a week i'm sure (if it fits at all!)
    I was only in the hospital 1 night and thought I was out quick, 2 hours!? Thats amazing!

  3. How strange! Logan was 9lb 2! You must of known!? And no, the newborn stuff did not fit! :)



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