Tuesday, 9 October 2012


Posted by Gemma Kelly at 09:34:00

I can't believe a whole year has happened since Connor was born, twelve months already!
He has come a long way and grown so much in just one year, and I am the proudest ever seeing him learning something new almost everyday. Connor is just walking in time for being one. He climbs, crawls, chatters and never stops, absolutely full of beans and constantly on the go!

He hasn't just grown in height, although he is getting to be a big boy now, his personality and happiness has elevated, he really is his own little person with his own thoughts and preferences and he will let you know wether or not he likes something!

Connor loves playing, mainly with the things he isn't allowed to, he likes his bath time, loves his food and doesn't so much like having his nappy changed or getting dressed, I think he thinks its his precious playing time being wasted! But he really is a good baby, hardly cries, is very loving and a lot mischievous and I
couldn't love him anymore if I tried. My proper little boy! Happy Birthday Connor xx.


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