Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 11:56:00

It's Halloween and tonight I will be taking Connor trick or treating for the first time, of course he was here this time last year but neither of us were in a right state to go anywhere, if we had I probably would have gotten away with not wearing a costume, I looked enough of a zombie without one! And he was tiny, not even a month old. We won't be walking for miles, in fact at Connor's pace we will probably only get a few doors down but I am sure he will enjoy the treats he receives none the less!

I'll leave it untill later to post pictures of Connor in his outfit, let it be a little surprise for now. We have carved the pumpkin though, sounds messy, but he was actually a lot better behaved than I thought he would be, he had a little feel of the insides of our giant squash but that seemed to put him off so the whole experience of us scraping out the pumpkin together was much cleaner than the disaster of eating seeds and throwing the pulp everywhere that I had imagined it would be. Obviously that was the only bit Connor was allowed to help with, after the inside was emptied Mummy and Daddy took over the actual carving!

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  1. Rio is too small to go out this year (6 months) so we're just dressing him up and hading out the sweets to the other little monsters. Amazing pumpkin!!



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