Monday, 25 June 2012

On the Move.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 18:22:00

8 months old and it's happened... Connor is crawling, not just shuffling or rolling but really moving. We looked forward to this day and after waiting for what seemed like ages of, "nearly, nearly ohhh," he finally got there. One thing I did under-estimate is the speed that he can move at, you only have to turn your attention away from him for a milisecond to turn back and find him gone, usually after something he's not allowed, ie. the cat, or headed in the direction of potential harm, so leaving him to amuse himself is not an option. All this extra action hopefully means for longer sleeps at night, I know I could do with them! Not even a week has gone past and he has started pulling himself up onto his feet using the couch as an aid in his quest of walking, the problem here is that Connor has no idea of consequence, he doesn't understand that letting go will result in him falling and no one being there to catch him, meaning you have to be, knowing how strong willed he is tells me he is not going to give up trying. Determination sums him up perfectly.


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