Monday, 2 April 2012

Mr. Strong.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 23:04:00

Knowing that Dane was a strong person, both emotionally and physically, I thought Connor would grow up to be just like his daddy, I didn't however, think I'd have a strong baby.
If you have met Connor you'll know that a comparison between him and a young Hercules isn't too far out. He has been able to take his own weight on his legs from about six weeks old, and now he's getting to the "grab and pinch" stage when he gets a hold of you, you know about it! I constantly get comments on how strong he is, a lot of the time referring to his grip as vice-like.

It's not just his body strength that amazes me though, he is very, very, strong willed. I think he gets that from his daddy too! His determination inspires me, when he wants something he goes hard and fast for it, wether he is allowed it or not, needless to say everything goes straight in the mouth.

It's hard to think, looking at him now, that one day he'll tower over me and be able to lift me as easily as I do him now. I'll always love my little strong man.


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