Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Sooo Big.

Posted by Gemma Kelly at 18:42:00
To think he started out less than the size of a grain of sand amazes me. It seems as though he grows a little every day, constantly changing.

The first scan, that very first glimpse of him, took my breathe away. To see his tiny heart beating and the perfect formation of a little person, with arms and legs, fingers and toes, almost brought me to tears. And as my not yet showing belly was poked and prodded he wriggled, stretched and rolled over. Seeing the movements on the screen was proof of what was happening inside of me but it didn't yet seem real, how could he be so active and me not feel a thing? It was to be another fourteen weeks before I would start to feel the motions of a roll or the punch of a flailing arm or a kicking leg. By this point I had had, what I thought would be, the last look at my son until he was in my arms. We had discovered he was a him and knew he was in perfect health, but it still seemed so far, another twenty weeks, til I could see his face.

I had measured big throughout my pregnancy, right from the get go, so when I got to thirty three weeks and was measuring thirty seven they offered me the chance to see him one last time before his birth, which naturally I jumped at. The last scan was primarily to estimate his weight and in doing so find out for sure if I had a big baby and then decide wether they would have to deliver him early. This was not the case as the sonographer put it, "he just has a bigger than normal swimming pool". I relished the fact I could see my boy at this stage of pregnancy, only seven weeks from the end, the detail was astounding, each strand of hair on his head was visable on screen, and if I hadn't of found out he was a boy before I would have been able to guess it now.

What they said about my waters was right, we found out at six o'clock in the morning on the eighth of October when what seemed like a waterfall had sprung from between my legs, but that's another story. Connor Joseph Roberts was born seven pounds eight ounces at 12:28 PM on the ninth of October 2011, now nearly doubled in weight the only way is up.


  1. Its amazing isnt it. Even the OH finds it facinating..and at times he's a little envious that i have this little life inside my tummy x

    1. I know! It's indescribable! Can't wait to do it again! <3



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